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  • Pre-Paid Drinks

    On the day when you get to the gate and our staff scan your pass, you will be given the tokens and they may be spent at the bar. Buying the prepaid tokens online will save you up to 30% on drinks rather than purchasing on the day of the event.

  • Parking Facilities

    On the ticket page you will be directed to purchase an all day parking pass which will cover you for the duration of our event!

  • Camping

    With your ticket, there is an option to add camping. This can be done either with a standard 4-berth tent or a separate ticket which includes a larger tent or motorhome!

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Associated Bands

Below you will see information about the different bands that play at our various different concerts. For information about which bands will perform at a given festival please visit the ticket page directly.

  • AC/DC UK

    Over the past decade, AC/DC UK has solidified their position as one of the globe's most thrilling acts, performing in 20+ countries worldwide.

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  • Mötley Crüde

    Since 2015, Mötley Crüde, Europe’s premier Mötley Crüe tribute, has captivated audiences, delivering an unforgettable experience.

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  • Poizon

    Experience Poizon, the world's premier tribute band to Poison, capturing the essence of 80's American Arena Rock legends. 🎸

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  • ShefLeppard

    Original Def Leppard drummer Tony Kenning returns to the kit after a break to raise a family.
    This tribute is a journey: to all their best hits.

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  • SNOG - The KISS Tribute

    SNOG, a premier KISS tribute band, ensures you rock 'n roll all night and party every day. Don't miss out! Avoid confusion with "SNOG - the Glam Rock tribute band."

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  • GNYR LOGO.png__PID:0882f8b2-5f54-41a7-a8b1-7d11d353253f

    Guns N Yorkshire Roses

    Guns N Yorkshire Roses is a tribute band of Guns N Roses. They have performed across the country and we look forward to having them blow your minds!

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  • tripdown project logo.jpeg__PID:7a7b86de-8d60-46e7-8390-4481f0079386

    The TripDown Project

    The TripDown Project are an Alternative Rock Band from the North of England. Epic melodies, loud Guitars, drums and technology add a modern twist to the classic rock!

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  • Really Hot Chili Peppers

    Hail the original and still the best tribute band to RHCP, The Really Hot Chili Peppers. A vision to bring the raw energy and power of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

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  • Bein' Adams

    Experience hits spanning over 4 decades from 80s classics like 'Run To You' to legendary 90s anthems with BEIN’ ADAMS and his powerhouse band!

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  • Ghost UK

    Ghost UK are a tribute to the band "Ghost", with a large audience this band has had many opportunities to play at large concerts and it will be a great night to rock!

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  • Kings Of Lyon

    Experience Kings Of Lyon, the ultimate tribute to Kings Of Leon, capturing their grunge beginnings and iconic stadium sound. Get ready to rock!

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  • Oasish

    Since forming in 2004, Oasish have taken the tribute world by storm. The attention to detail is incredible and many have hailed them as being better than the real thing!

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  • The Killerz

    The Killerz are one of the original tribute acts to The Killers. The band pride themselves on the overall likeness to the chart topping band.

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  • Flash

    A Tribute Band To Queen. With their incredible
    live performances,
    stunning visuals, and performances of Queen's greatest hits.

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  • Maroon Live

    Maroon Live is a tribute band to Maroon 5. Playing all the greatest hits! We are excited to give you this opportunity! Visit their site below.

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  • Foo Fighters GB

    The UK's Favorite Foo Fighters Tribute. This incredible band has definitely sparked a flame with their music! Visit their site below.

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Note: Information above was taken directly from the information of the bands and should be treated in accordance with their terms & conditions.